Welcome to the Wolverine Warehouse!


The Walker dress and grooming code is driven by the principles of understanding, respect and pride in our community. We believe the importance and value of individual expression can be learned while also recognizing the importance of community standards. The basic guidelines driving our code are that each student’s dress and general appearance at school or any school related function will be “clean, neat and appropriate.” The key is for students to understand “appropriate” is not the same as “in fashion, what works at the beach, or what would be worn on weekends” especially as it pertains to length and cut.

Clothing that does not fall under that umbrella will include, but not be limited to:
1. Clothing with offensive/demeaning language or imagery
2. Athletic shorts
3. Yoga, warm-up, or sweat pants
4. Leggings worn as primary clothing/pants, but may be worn with a skirt of appropriate length
5. Pajamas
6. Shower shoes or flip flops
7. Clothing that is see-through

Appearance considered to not be “appropriate” will include but is not limited to:
1. Beards and/or mustaches
2. Shirts, blouses, dresses, tops, etc. that display cleavage, are sheer, have spaghetti straps, or are
3. Shorts, skirts, or dress length that is shorter than 3 inches above the knee
4. T-shirts designed to be worn as undergarments
5. Wearing hats in a classroom building or dining hall (with the exception of religious head

Clothing guidelines specific to all students:
1. Footwear must be worn at all times
2. Clothing must be in good repair
3. T-shirts worn to school must be “Walker” shirts either purchased in the Wolverine Warehouse or one representing a School club, team or organization

There will be “theme” days such as those during homecoming week when students may wear pajamas, athletic wear, or other clothes not permitted within the set day-to-day guidelines. There also will be days or occasions when students are expected to be in “Business Attire” which means clothes one would wear to a job interview.