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Primary School Dress Code

Primary School students at The Walker School are expected to follow the Primary School dress code as outlined below. The dress code is driven by the principles of understanding, respect and pride in our community. The basic guidelines driving the dress code are that each student’s dress and general appearance at school will be clean, neat, appropriate, and not a distraction to other students or faculty.

  •  Attire for some special events and presentations at the School is the field trip uniform. This uniform consists of a maroon polo shirt with a Walker logo; khaki slacks, shorts, skirt or jumper; Maroon Walker sweatshirt or maroon sweater if required by the weather; and maroon, black or white socks/tights.
  • Students are expected to be well-groomed and appropriately dressed while on campus.
  • Clothing must be neat, clean, fit properly (oversized or undersized are not appropriate), free from holes, frays and in good repair.
  • Students should wear comfortable clothing that allows for independence in the bathroom and is modest during play. Students should not wear pajamas except for on specially announced occasions.
  • For safety reasons, closed-toe shoes with a back, or back strap, must be worn at all times. Heelie-Wheelies, Crocs, high heels and flip-flops are not acceptable. Socks and rubber-soled shoes are required for P. E.
  • Makeup is inappropriate and jewelry should be in moderation.
  • Hats, caps, kerchiefs, other head coverings (with the exception of religious head coverings), and sunglasses are not to be worn indoors.
  • The following items are not permitted on campus, at any school event, or activity: potentially dangerous items, see-through clothing, clothing with logos or advertisements of items not allowed on campus and clothing with profanity or suggestions of profanity.
  •  All clothing and personal items brought to school must be labeled with the student’s first and last name for easy return to the owner.
  • Hair should be neat, clean, and not impair vision. Hairstyles must be within traditional parameters: that is, styles such as spiked hair, hair colored other than natural color (multi- colored or unusual colors) and patterns shaved into the hair are unacceptable. Hairstyles identified as unacceptable by an administrator on a case-by-case basis are prohibited.